You can pack and send your excess baggage using any suitcase, back pack, rucksack or packing box you like. Just remember your excess baggage has to travel to the other side of the world and proper packaging will help us deliver your goods in the same condition that we received them. Be sure to have plenty of sturdy cardboard cartons, packing paper, sealing tape and a marker pen, as careful packing prevents breakage and loss of small and fragile items. Avoid damage to your goods and make maximum use of your storage space by following these simple packing tips:

 Use new rigid corrugated cartons (if using a suitcase or backpack make sure the items inside are securely packed as per below).

 Check the gross weight limit on the bottom of these boxes and do not exceed this limit.

 If reusing a carton, make sure none of the sides or flaps are bent, torn or punctured. Remove or cross out old labels, markings and scan codes.

 Pack with shipping foam, bubble wrap or other packing material. This will protect your shipment against the shock that may occur when packages come in contact with each other or hard surfaces. Wrap each item separately and completely, and surround each item with bubble wrap.

 Protect sharp and pointed objects with added packing material.

 Fragile items, such as glass and ceramics, need extra packaging. Use bubble wrap and place the item in a separate box inside the packing box.

 Ship packages separately - do not bind several together.

 Wrap each item separately.

 Secure heavy objects to prevent shifting.

 Don't forget to create an itemised packing list per carton/suitcase.

 Close and seal cartons securely using appropriate packing tape.

 If you need further information or assistance, contact us and a member of the World Baggage team will be only too happy to help you out with more packing tips and suggestions.



Yes, labels are super important! World Baggage cannot be held responsible for any loss or delay if your address or shipping labels are not attached or if they come off in transit. You must ensure that all labels are securely attached to every box, bag or suitcase that you are sending.

To be a World Baggage label ninja, follow the tips below:


Print your address labels from the links below or from your booking confirmation email.


  1. Remove all previous labels. Leaving old labels on any items can lead to confusion and may result in your item/s being delayed, mis-delivered or returned to origin.

  2. Attach an address label to each box, bag or suitcase.

  3. Make as many copies of the label as you require.

  4. Write details clearly in the sections indicated on the label.

  5. We recommend placing a second copy inside any package too.

  6. For suitcases and Bags : In the order indicated, FOLD (do not cut) along the lines with the address label print facing out (You should be able to see the company logo and address details). After folding is complete, staple twice and/or tape the label around the luggage handle in the areas indicated.

  7. NOTE: Do NOT lock your bags. All consignments are subject to security and customs inspection. The carrier may reject your consignment if bags are received locked. If you insist on locking your bag, please use a combination lock, and send the combination to World Baggage.

  8. For Boxes : Simply attach the labels like you would to a normal parcel. Use packing tape and make sure each label is securely attached. Tape all four(4) sides as a minimum. Some customers chose to apply tape around the entire circumference (vertically and horizontally) of the bok to ensure labels are secure.

  9. NOTE: Do NOT cover any address information with coloured or opaque tape. All details must be clear and legible. All consignments are subject to security and customs inspection. Please ensure all boxes are sealed.


You will still need to attach address labels with the full delivery address and name on it. This can be a hand written label, please make sure these labels are securely attached. Alternatively please contact us asap and we can arrange to mail copies to you. Consignments received without an address label will potentially delay dispatch and you risk losing the item in transit. Additional surcharges may apply to rectify.