In accordance with International Law (IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations), the goods listed below are classified as ‘Dangerous’ and not allowed for shipment by Air. Many items which appear harmless in everyday use can pose dangers on aircraft and are consequently forbidden for transport by Air Navigation (Dangerous Goods) Regulations 2010. In Australia, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) is the governing body responsible for compliance of these rules. Failure to follow requirements may endanger the aircraft, its occupants and result in the prosecution of the person responsible under the Air Navigation (Dangerous Goods) Regulations.

The following goods are classified as DANGEROUS and not permitted

Goods travelling by ‘Cargo’ (this shipment) are subject to different restriction to those travelling as carry-on luggage, as checked baggage (at the airport) or carried on your person at the flight. All items that travel by air are X-Rayed screened to check for compliance. If you have contravened these regulations and such items are found in your shipment, your shipment will be halted and you will be charged a fee by the airline handling agent or consolidator and the shipment will continue to be delayed until such charges have been paid in full. You will also incur a $120 administration fee.

Aerosols Not Permitted - All aerosols, deoderants, sprays and compressed gas canisters are forbidden

CHECKLIST: Are any of the following in your shipment?aerosol.jpg


  • Aerosols?

  • Air Fresheners?

  • Body Sprays?

  • Any other compressed gas cylinders?

  • Cigarette lighters?

  • Gas cylinders for camping stoves or any other gases?

Flammable Goods Not Permitted - All flammable liquids, including perfume and aftershaves

CHECKLIST: Are any of the following in your shipment?


  • Perfumes?

  • Aftershaves?

  • Household cleaning products?

  • Gels, including shaving gels?

  • Nail Polish/Remover?

  • Other flammable liquids?

Toner Cartridges or Ink

CHECKLIST: Are any of the following in your shipment?


  • Ink or toner cartridge.

Other Dangerous Goods Not Permitted

Explosives e.g.:

Ammunition, Christmas crackers snaps, Fireworks, Fuses etc


Radioactive Materials


All oxidizing substances & Organic Peroxides e.g.:

Bleach etc


Corrosive substances e.g.:

All battery types, Corrosive cleaning fluids, Acids and Alkali’s, Thermometers (mercury) etc


Toxic & Infectious substances e.g.:

Pesticides, Insecticides, Mercury, Poisons etc


Miscellaneous Dangerous goods e.g.:

Asbestos, Magnetized materials, Dry Ice, Self inflating life jackets


Restricted Goods

* Restricted items cannot be transported as personal effects to most countries by road, air or sea. The customer is advised to check with Customs in the country of destination whether such goods are permitted.



World Baggage has a checkbox that must be ticked to state there are no Dangerous Goods in the consignment & Terms and Conditions have been read before an order can be completed. Where such non permitted or restricted items are found, World Baggage reserves the right to remove these items and dispose of them without reference to the customer. World Baggage operates an automated booking service. If you chose to purchase additional Insurance on Dangerous Goods, the cover is invalidated. In addition, the sender will be liable for any damages caused in transit to other shipments or property resulting from sending Dangerous Goods. Where charges are incurred for the removal of Non-Permitted or Restricted goods by an airline, handling agent, consolidator, etc, these charges will be passed on to you together with a $120.00 administration fee, and the shipment will be delayed until such charges are paid. In such circumstances the customer will not be due for any compensation, nor will World Baggage be under any obligation to return or forward such items or give any notice that such items have been removed.