As of 14th June 2013 airlines have introduced a regulation prohibiting the carriage of batteries of any kind inside personal effects consignments. This includes batteries inside iPods, iPads, Tablets, Watches, Laptops, Shavers, Toothbrushes, for example. All batteries are prohibited.

You must ensure that all batteries are removed from your consignment.

If batteries are detected during security X-Ray, your consignment will be refused carriage, and we will be required to collect your consignment back from the airline or courier carrier.

Where charges are incurred for the removal of Non-Permitted (Batteries) or Restricted goods by an airline, handling agent, consolidator, courier etc, these charges will be passed on to you together with a $120.00 administration fee, and the shipment will be delayed until such charges are paid.

Where such Non-Permitted (Batteries) or Restricted items are found, World Baggage reserves the right to remove these items and dispose of them without reference to the customer. In such circumstances the customer will not be due for any compensation, nor will World Baggage be under any obligation to return or forward such items or give any notice that such items have been removed.

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