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Get a Quick Quote


Our easy-to-use quote tool gives you a price and options for sending your excess baggage shipping around the world within seconds. First, select your origin and destination country. Then tell us how many items you want to send, and your estimated dimensions and weights. Select any additional service options you may require, including pick up from your address, additional insurance, secure bag wrapping or storage.


You will receive a detailed quote, instantly! Get an instant quote now to remove the stress of transporting your excess luggage.

Booking your unaccompanied baggage online takes less than 5 minutes. Our intelligent booking system will guide you through the process, gathering all the information required to ensure a smooth collection and delivery.


Things you'll need to know:

 Select the service level that suits you.

 Senders address and telephone number.

 Receivers address and telephone number. List of contents.

 Nominated date for pick up or delivery to our warehouse.

 Your estimated dimensions and weights of your excess baggage.

 Your debit or credit card details.


After you submit your order, you'll receive an instant booking confirmation email. It will confirm your order details and you will be directed to download any additional documentation. You will be able to log in at any time through the members area to view your order details online.

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Book Online

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Prepare your Baggage - Packing

We offer a variety of freight services to suit a range of budgets and requirements: from the air freighting of smaller items such as one bag, to the sea freighting of larger shipments. You can pack and send your excess baggage using any box, bag or suitcase you like, there are no restrictions.

Just remember your excess baggage has to travel to the other side of the world and proper packaging will help us deliver your goods in good condition. See our packing tips for further information.

Address Labels


Now that you have packed your excess baggage, it is a mandatory requirement that you affix an address label to every box, bag or suitcase that you are intending on sending as unaccompanied baggage. Follow the tips below or click here to access our baggage label maker and simply follow the instructions. We recommend you download and attach a World Baggage label to every item you are sending and put a spare copy inside each bag. The best way to attach a label is by placing it in a clear strong plastic wallet. Attach the wallet to the handle of your bag preferably with cable ties. If using boxes and tape, please ensure the label is securely attached to each box or bag.



If you have booked a pick up service with your airfreight or shipment, this will take place at the time and date you nominate – this service is available 24/7!


Regional or non-metro collections will take place between 9am and 5pm. World Baggage is unable to provide an indication of collection time for regional collections. If someone will not be available at the address throughout the day, we do recommend having your item collected from a place of work. The sender is not required to be the person who hands over the unaccompanied baggage to our driver, however the person handing over the shipment will be required to display their photo ID.


Our drivers can only collect from the main access point of any address. If you are in a tower block or office you will need to bring the items to the ground floor or reception.


Alternatively you can drop off your personal effects at one of our warehouse locations.

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Step 5: 

Make Payment



Once we receive your shipment we will confirm measures and weights and issue your invoice (via email). Payment can be made online or by your preferred means.


We accept most major credit cards, Paypal, company checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT), Telegraphic transfers (T.T.'s) or cash. Sorry, no personal checks.



Once your items have been collected you will be able to track your excess baggage shipping every step of the way. You will receive a tracking number from us which will allow you to track your shipment online. You do this by logging in using your email and password and then inputting your tracking number and selecting the carrier - easy as that!

Step 6: 

Track your Bag

Step 7: 


When your shipment is dispatched, you will be advised of an estimated delivery date. At World Baggage, over 98% of deliveries take place on time however we do recommend you send your luggage with time to spare to allow for any unexpected disruption such as severe weather delays.


Upon arrival of your Air Freight to Airport and/or Sea Freight to Port service you will need to:

 Pay any destination terminal fees.

 Process through destination customs.

 Retrieve your shipment.


Upon arrival of your Courier Delivery to Door or Inbound Service and prior to delivery:

 Pay any duties or taxes if applicable as determined by destination customs.

 Make sure someone's home to receive and sign for delivery.


The named recipient does not need to be present to sign for your item. Anyone at the delivery address may sign for your luggage. If you are sending to a hotel we recommend you notify them in advance or request that the concierge have them waiting for you in your room.