When sending anything around the world let alone your prized and much loved possessions, there is an inherent risk that something could happen to your consignment in transit. At World Baggage we understand how important your personal effects are to you and we do our level best to make sure your consignment arrives safe and sound in the same condition as it was shipped.  

Free Insurance* on all consignments.

At World Baggage, when sending your personal effects around the world, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the peace of mind that transit insurance can bring. That's why we offer Free insurance on all consignments up to the value of AUD 250.00*. For consignments requiring additional insurance, you can get an instant quote for the sum to be insured. Our Transit insurance allows you the peace of mind that should anything happen you will be able to make a quick and easy claim against your own policy. Please note your packaging (suitcase/bag/box) is not covered under the insurance policy.


Unless otherwise specified in the policy schedule, voyages/transits from ports and/or places world-wide to Australia, within Australia & from Australia to ports and/or places world-wide are insured by road, rail, air, sea & postal conveyances. However, this insurance specifically excludes voyages/transits to from or within:


  • Algeria, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo*, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Cote D’voire (Ivory Coast)*, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone*, Somalia*, Sudan* & Zimbabwe*;


  • Cuba*;

Eastern Europe:

  • Belarus*, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan;

East Asia:

  • North Korea*;

South Asia:

  • Afghanistan*, Iran* & Pakistan;

Southeast Asia:

  • Burma (Myanmar)*;

Western Asia:

  • Iraq*, Lebanon*, Liberia, Syria* & Yemen;

South America:

  • Bolivia, Colombia;


  • Any country where local legislation precludes the insurance from being placed outside of that country or requires insurance to be placed in the locality of that country.

* Subject to United Nations resolutions or the trade or economic sanctions, laws or regulations of Australia, European Union, United Kingdom or United States of America.

How do i make a claim?

In the unlikely event that your consignment is lost or damaged in transit, you will need to submit a claim form.  

When submitting your claim form you will need to attach supporting documentation and return via email to

What other documents do I need ?

In addition to submitting the above mentioned claim form, you will need to submit any/all supporting documentation listed below.  

  • Lost in transit item(s)

    A commercial sales invoice, purchase invoice or an equivalent verifiable document substantiating the value of item(s) lost in transit must be submitted to demonstrate the value of such item(s) at the time of loss.  

  • Damaged in transit item(s)

    A written repair / replacement quote must be submitted to demonstrate the value of item(s) damaged or if a total loss, at the time of loss.  .

    Clear coloured photographs of all damaged items.

    Shipping documents (Bill of Lading / Airway bill / Consignment note) if applicable.

    Valued inventory (copy of) relating to the household goods and personal effects which were moved and declared for insurance purposes.

    Delivery docket or Packing list, which has been endorsed by the receiver at the time of delivery as “package received damaged” and co-signed by the delivery driver. This document is proof of damage at the time of delivery.

    Pre-shipment condition report for motor vehicles, if applicable.

    Pre-shipment valuation certificate for antiques, if applicable.


Insurer will settle any approved claim less policy excess amount

 When should i make a claim?

If a consignment is received damaged, but damage is not apparent at the time of delivery, then the client has strictly 7 business days to report such damage. For items which are lost in transit, the client has strictly 7 business days to report the loss,from the date which the client becomes aware of the loss. Such damage or loss will be deemed to have occurred during the period of transit. Absolutely no consideration whatsoever will be given to damaged / lost items where the loss is notified 7 business days after delivery. (Note: Business days does not include public holidays or weekends).